No Turning Back

Hi! Welcome to my 1st ever blog article! Gosh, this is surreal so please bear with me guys. 🙂 Actually at first I really don’t know what to write since there are quite a lot of ideas running in my mind. (Naks! Haha) But the word TESTIMONY strikes me, so I wanna share it with you my life testimony. Enjoy reading. 🙂

Way back in college days, I was already reached out by my Christian friend to join a youth service every Friday night, so I’ll go with her. As a teenybopper my real intention was just to look/search for handsome men. (Admit it! Haha) But right after graduation, we separate ways and pursuing different careers, so I was lost and with the world. At that time I don’t think I was lost because I’m a good person, I’m a law abiding citizen and I didn’t step on anyone – a self-righteous at its best. But that was me before.

It’s so ironic I came to KNOW JESUS, a REAL relationship with Him here in Kuwait, a desert Arab land dominated by Islam. Who would have thought about that? Indeed, God moves in a mysterious ways, we cannot put Him in a box. With that, I’m so grateful with my Discipler Ate Matel who didn’t stop and surrender on me. It took her a year of prayer and patience just to agree with her church (Every Nation Kuwait) invitation.  So if you’re discipling don’t ever quit even if that person rejects you a lot of times. (Persistency and Consistency is the key)

Furthermore, when I was already attending in the church I was wondering why the preaching always hit me to the bone; does the Pastor know what I’ve been through? Until I realized it was God speaking to me, slowly He opened my eyes to His Word. So I decided to be baptize (October 31, 2014) and to be a follower of Jesus Christ. It was not an overnight transformation, it takes a lot of time and effort to unload all those unnecessary baggages in my life and it wasn’t that easy but through His Grace I was able to overcome it. (You too) He’s not finish with me yet, I’m still in the molding process to be the woman I should be. As part of my growth, gradually I was introduced in a ministry (Technical and Stage Management) which also helps me to discover my gifts in serving God. And I am enjoying serving Him as well as my journey with Him, though there are times I feel down with the attack of the enemy but His Grace is sufficient enough and there’s no turning back.

And now as I look back, God is so amazing and faithful to my life. He surrounded me with His beautiful creations to guide and walk with me. As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17) So I’m encouraging all of you to connect your life with Jesus followers. (Life/Cell/Small/Victory Group) Let’s continue to Honor God and Make Disciples. 🙂 As I end this here’s my life verse:

But SEEK first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. – Matthew 6:33


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